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Chambers & Fabrications

Tigfusion specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke chambers and fabrications. We offer a completely flexible service and can provide something as simple as a small cluster flange, up to large bespoke vessels, up to 500mm OD cylindrical chambers or 600 x 600 box chambers and beyond. With our vast plant list and 60 years combined knowledge, we are confident of being able to design and manufacture a solution to your exact requirements. Tigfusion repairs broken feedthrough flanges and damaged clamps to keep your systems running efficiently and cost effectively.

We are able to offer a range of materials including aluminium and various grades of stainless steel i.e. 304L, 316L and high quality 316LN ESR, and are one of the few companies who can supply mu-metal chambers & fabrications for electron spectroscopy research. Most materials & flanges are available from stock, so we pride ourselves on supplying a quality product at competitive prices with quick turnaround times.

Tigfusion’s ultra high vacuum welding experts also offer on-site repair to leaking or damaged systems to keep systems running efficiently and minimise unwanted downtime.

We are an ISO 9001 approved company and employ highly experienced & skilled engineers to ensure that we deliver the best possible service at all times.

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Vacuum Fabrication
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