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ISO to KF Adaptors Tubulated
ISO to KF Adaptors Tubulated

ISO to KF Adaptors Tubulated are used to change from one size flange to another size enabling mismatched components to be fitted together.

Manufactured from: Stainless Steel 304. Leak tested to 10-8mbar with Helium. ISO to KF Adaptors Tubulated are supplied with protective plastic caps.

ISO to KFTubulated Adaptors are compatible with other supplier’s product and are manufactured to the ISO Standard.



SK6325 ISO63 /KF25 95 40 50 28
SK6340 ISO63 /KF40 95 55 50 45
SK6350 ISO63 /KF50 95 75 50 57
SK1040 ISO100 /KF40 130 55 50 45
SK1050 ISO100 /KF50 150 75 50 57

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