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KF Flanges Bored

KF Flanges (Klien) are the standard connections for vacuum fittings up to DN50 to din 28430 & ISO 2861 used in high& low vacuum. For applications requiring easy and repeated assembly/ disassembly and along with the ancillary components they offer a simple solution.

Sealing is accomplished with a nitrile or viton o’ring supported by a centering and squashed between a two KF Flanges using a tapered clamp.

KF Flanges Bored points:

  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Bakeable to 150° C
  • Vacuum Rating: 1×10-8 mbar
  • Wide range of tees, elbows & crosses are available
  • Tubulated Flanges are available for welding as ports into stainless steel tube

KF Flanges Bored KF Flanges BoredKF Flanges Bored

KF flanges Bored are used when manufacturing fabrications they are welded onto tube to produce ports and connectors.

Manufactured from: Stainless Steel 304
KF flanges Bored are supplied with a
protective plastic cap.

KF flanges Bored are compatible with other supplier’s product and are manufactured to the ISO Standard.

KF10B10 10 30 4.3 12.2 2.5 14.0
KF16B20 16 30 4.3 17.2 2.5 20.0
KF25B28 25 40 4.6 26.2 2.5 28.0
KF40B44 40 55 4.4 41.2 2.5 44.5
KF50B57 50 75 5.4 52.2 2.5 57.0

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