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About Us

Tigfusion Limited specialises in manufacturing an extensive range of standard and customised products for the high and ultra-high vacuum sectors including chambers and fabrications, machined components and vacuum components.

Equipped to build custom chambers of virtually any complexity, we can deliver vessels to your exact specifications from a sketch to a detailed engineering drawing.

Our precision engineering specialists are experienced in machining highly complex components, as well as knowledgeable in offering the most effective design solutions.

With UHV welding standards and practices stringently applied, Tigfusion is dedicated to providing components of the highest quality and performance.

Vacuum components are leak tested repeatedly throughout the manufacturing process, with environmentally friendly cleaning procedures concienciously applied.

Packaging includes meticulous covering of all open ports with plastic flange covers to prevent seal surface damage during transit.

We are an ISO 9001 approved company for the provision of mechanical engineering and manufacturing services.

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